Frequence by Gigi

One Cream, Day and Night, for Face, Neck and Eyes

Created by a woman for a woman, Frequence by Gigi is a luxurious, anti-aging moisturizer that contains 24 of the most precious, therapeutic high frequency essential oils that carry the distinctive scent of the plants they come from.

“Essential oils penetrate cell membranes increasing oxygen levels by 21%
within 20 minutes of application.”

This remarkable cream is filled with therapeutic waters, carrier oils, mango butter and powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage and delay the aging process. These active ingredients hydrate, soften, cool the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. This unique anti-aging masterpiece is a holistic approach that treats both the mind and body using mother earth’s natural ingredients.

Frequence by Gigi encourages new cellular growth to give a more youthful, luminous complexion. This unique wrinkle fighting cream will improve your skin’s elasticity as well as tone, nourish and energize your skin.

Frequence by Gigi is a precious cream inspired by the beautiful women of Morocco who are renowned for their glowing skin.

Frequence by Gigi is free of chemicals, gluten, parabens, sulfates, alcohol and is cruelty-free. 

“I created this 24-hour cream for busy women to be used for day or night on their face, neck and eyes. I wanted skincare to be uncomplicated and really work. With Frequence by Gigi, I can proudly associate my name with my ancestors and the beautiful women of Morocco.”  
- Gigi Amar

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